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Hey there! I'm Chi

I provide copyediting and proofreading services for legal & marketing content writers and copywriters.

How do you know you can work with me? 

  • You’re a legal or marketing content writer/copywriter.
  • You produce content/copy for various companies.
  • You’ve been a freelance writer for quite a while.
  • You see value in hiring an editor.

Here's what a client said about my services

"Thank you for your work.... I thought you were thorough and professional, and I enjoyed working with you. Also looking forward to working with you again."
Aaron Wrixon. Founder, WRIXON.
Copywriting | Content Marketing and Strategy | Web Content

So why edits-pro?

Because even an expert writer needs an expert editor. At edits-pro, you get a fresh perspective on your content/copy; call it the objective editorial eye.

I have a background in Law; and through legal practice, I’ve become detail-oriented, which is vital for successful editing.

Here’s what happens if we work together:

  • You save time spent editing.
  • You improve your bottom line (hello, more money).
  • You get the most out of your content/copy.

I help you achieve all the above by copyediting and/or proofreading your work.

Copyediting your content/copy involves:

  • verifying stated facts and stats.
  • checking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • checking for clarity.
  • checking for redundancy and consistency issues.
  • providing helpful feedback.

Proofreading your content/copy involves checking only for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. 

How does my process work?

  • You send me an email or fill the contact form, showing your desire to work with me.
  • You send me your work and I advise you of the cost (I require 50% down payment before I edit your work).
  • My turnaround time is typically 48 hours (but I can be flexible to meet your deadlines).

My starting rates are $0.03 per word for copyediting and $0.01 per word for proofreading.

Which of my services do you need help with? Typically, it’ll take me 24 business hours to get back to you if you fill the form below:

If you’ll rather send me an email, please do so at I can’t wait to talk to you.